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Briefly describe the methods of dewatering and drying conditioning of sludge stacker?

The sludge dewatering of the stacker is a heat treatment process, which is a process of heating the sludge to quickly evaporate the moisture of the sludge to ensure complete drying. The low-temperature waste heat sludge drying system uses hot air to directly or indirectly dehydrate and dry the sludge (the mechanical dehydration sludge has a moisture content of 75% to 80% before drying) to reduce the sludge moisture content to about 10% and dry.

How to achieve efficient recovery rate

Why the stacked screw machine can achieve efficient recycling. The stacked screw machine uses multiple end plates and organic sludge dewatering to achieve efficient recovery of solid particles! Specifically, let's take a look at it: according to the principle of gravity dewatering filtration + extrusion, using energy-saving structures and Miniaturized design

Explain the structure of the stacked screw sludge dewatering machine.

Folding screw type sludge dewatering machine is a device often used in our daily life. Its appearance has brought great convenience to our daily work. What is the principle of its construction? Let me give it to everyone Briefly introduce.
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